Friday, December 14, 2012

Dear Egg Customers:

We know our customers choose Riverdog because we provide fresh, seasonal, organic produce. Our egg-laying hens are pastured outdoors in a field of alfalfa and clover, open to the sun, the rain and the seasons (and the coyotes!). And just like our vegetables and fruits, their egg-laying is seasonal, peaking in the long, warm days of spring and summer and almost stopping in the short cold fall and winter days. Typical supermarket egg-hens are grown indoors in highly controlled, artificial environments designed to maximize production at the cost of taste and freshness. As our customers who've tasted them know, our eggs are anything but your typical supermarket eggs. However, that means winter egg shortages. But don't worry! When eggs come back into season in the spring, we should have plenty to go around.


Riverdog Farm